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It is Hard To Spend Money During Retirement

It is Hard To Spend Money During Retirement
August 30
12:03 2014

hard to spend money for retireesWhen you are young the last worry on your mind is saving money for retirement much less not having enough money for when you retire.  In fact as you are approaching the retirement age this number one reason people do not have fun is because they fear running out of money. 

Retirement should be a time for luxury, relaxation and having fun.  This is what you work towards when you are working forty, fifty or even sixty hours per week while at the same time raising your family.  Many people often dream about taking vacations of a lifetime to places you have only dreamed of traveling to while others dream of purchasing their car of their dreams or sitting poolside in the pool in their own backyard which they never had time for before.

The main problem for retirees these days is the fact that they have a hard time spending money.  What people want to know is why this happens.  In this article we will discover the truth of not being able to spend money after retirement.

Why Is Spending Money So Difficult Once You Retire

Retirement takes planning for several years and if you do not plan properly or even sometimes with the proper planning many retirees will run out of money.  Often times retirees become paralyzed with fear over running out of money.

Because you watch your money carefully and you have been saving for many years often times thirty or forty years trying to spend money is a new trait that you have to learn and for some it can be a difficult task.  It is not easy to learn how to spend money after you have been saving for so many years.

Retirement Can Be Emotional

When money starts to come out of the accounts such as brokerage accounts, IRA’s or 401(k) accounts retirees can get really emotional.  It is hard to see the balances decrease.  This is one reason why many retirees will ask how much interest can be earned off of their account balances.  It is common practice that when a person sees their financial account balances start to decrease in size that the spending they would normally do will also decrease.  This is one reason why a financial representative will help a soon to be retiree have a financial plan that will help the person and their family transition into a comfortable retirement.

Common Tips

There are many tips that a person heading into retirement can learn how to spend money during retirement.  The first one is whether the balance in your checking account went up or down.  This is a good measurement of what is happening with your money on a month-to-month basis.  Another tip is to consider what you are planning on leaving to your children and family further down the road.  If you are planning on leaving them whatever you have left you might want to start increasing your spending now.  It might be harder than you think to spend all of your money.  If you have a pension it will be even more difficult to spend it all.

You have worked all your life to enjoy the idea of retirement.  Once retirement age hits it is important for you not to deprive yourself of the things you want to own and the things you want to do.  It is time to start spending your money and not worry about running out.  Retirement is supposed to be a fun and exciting time in your life not a time where you need to worry all of the time.

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