10 Super Awkward Money Situations and How to Handle Them Like a Pro

awkward money situation

Just the thought of talking about one’s personal finances is often enough to induce extreme discomfort, what more if you are subjected to embarrassing situations that involve money and the word ‘awkward’ seems too weak to describe what you are feeling.It is part of the human experience to feel embarrassed but of all the different awkward situations we can possibly get ourselves into, awkward money situations often seem to be one of the worst.

Below is a short list of awkward money situations we commonly encounter and some insights on how to properly handle each situation with grace so you can still save face even if you fail to save your money.

Where’s is my wallet?

A quick trip to the supermarket is usually without incident not until you when you are already at the counter about to pay your groceries and you realized your wallet is not within your person. If luck is on your side, you can make a quick dash to your car and find it sitting idly inside your glove compartment. But what if it’s not?

Here’s what to do. If you are shopping alone and you have no one to borrow the money from, do not hold the line and immediately inform the cashier about your predicament. This instance is normal. If you can, call someone from home and have them deliver your wallet. If there’s none, leave your cart some place and inform a staff that you intend to return for it after getting your wallet.

My card is declined

At some point in your life, you have probably experienced having your credit card declined at the counter even if you have nothing wrong to suffer such embarrassment. If you are on a road trip or you are travelling to another state, what you can do is call your credit card company and ask them to place a not on your credit account. Another easy way out is to have more than one card especially when travelling long distances or you are going to another country.

Who’s paying the bill?

You ate out with a friend and the bill comes. A typical scenario would be both of you reaching for it at the same time. But what none of you did and you are both wondering who’s going to pay the check?

That is definitely an awkward situation.

If you are out with a girl, it is customary for men to pay at least 65% although it is still awkward to ask her to pay the remaining 35%. To get around the awkward money situation, assume that you have to pay if you are the one who asked to dine out. If your friend says that he/she will pay, simply say thank you and let them handle it.

Sharing expenses with your co-tenant

Not all of us get a roommate who knew his or her share of expenses. To avoid awkward money situations with your roommate, it is essential to clear everything before sharing a room with someone, even a friend. Although a formal contract would be going too far, putting everything in writing will not hurt. List what you both agreed to like splitting bills and food expenses will help you avoid facing money conflicts with your roommate.

Discussing money matters with your other half

There is always the first time when you have to eventually discuss money matter with your significant other. According to study, couples that talk about their finances are less likely to end up in divorce.The best way to do this?There is no perfect advice to avoid the awkwardness but diving right into it is the best way to settle your embarrassment.

It’s the second time you are asked to donate to a charity

Donating to a charity is always a good deed but to do it twice in a month and you are on a limited budget, it can be a very awkward money situation for you. To avoid being embarrassed, beg to be excused this time without offering excuses.

Asking for a raise

This is more than just embarrassing. For some, asking for a raise could be flat out discomfiting. To avoid an awkward situation, make sure you catch your boss at a perfect time and avoid asking for a raise on stressful Mondays.

Asking your mom and dad for money

We all get into tight situations but if you are too ashamed to ask money from your parents, you can make it a little less awkward by preparing a draft on how you are planning to pay the amount you are borrowing. This will help boost your ego because you are not simply asking them to give you money but you are also planning to pay them back when you can.

Asking someone to pay what they owe you

If you are not comfortable collecting debts personally, you can avoid awkward confrontations by sending them emails or text messages about your demand.

A friend is borrowing money and you know it will never get paid

To avoid resentment on your part, think of it as a gift if what is being borrowed is just a small amount. But if it is a big amount and you are too embarrassed to decline, you can put it in writing so your friend will know that you are expecting him to pay it back.

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