21 Best Places to Hide Large Amounts of Cash – Try these Unusual Places

It would be best if you surely kept some cash at home for emergencies. However, you’re under no obligation to keep any amount at home. It’s prudent to keep some fair amount at home so that you can easily pay for something like groceries or even for a hotel stay or any bill.  Therefore, keeping this money safe at home is very important because it can easily be stolen by enemies if not properly kept. There are a lot of secret places in your house where you can use to hide large amounts of cash and access it whenever you need it.

If you have a problem figuring out these ideal places, then keep reading!

We are going to show you some of the best secrets places you have never thought of yet, which are very safe for your cash. There are s
ome obvious places that burglars will always check if they want to get some cash from you. You should avoid keeping money in such places. For instance, many people think that under their mattress is safe, but how true is this? Any bugler will always begin by checking under your mattress in most cases.

We are here to provide you with the best secret places to keep your money safe from dishonest relatives or friends and obviously from burglars. Some places are, of course, much more secure as compared to others. For instance, burying money in your yard is somehow safe, but you can easily forget the exact location where you barred it, and it’s also prone to rotting if it stays there for a very long time. Keeping money inside your house is safe but keep in mind that there could be a fire accident in your house and you end up losing your hard-earned cash or savings.

Here are some money hiding spots in your house you may consider for hiding your money:

1. In the Freezer

The freezer provides various options for keeping the money. For instance, you can put your money in an airtight bag then keep it in a fridge. Alternatively, you can put your cash in a Ziploc bag. Stick the bag in between two pieces of used meat trays. Wrap with aluminum foils and bind with masking tape, then put some writings on the masking take. Burglars will not have time to read the paper or even to remove the wrap. You can put the money in an airtight bag and then place it at the back of your fridge or in an old icebox to confuse the enemy.

2. Behind the Wall Clock

This trick is very easy and straightforward yet very effective though you have to be very vigilant. You have to fold the bill into eighths then stick it between the plastics on the sides though, this again depends on the type of clock you’re having on your house. It would be best if you were very vigilant for apparent reasons. Someone adjusting the time or changing the battery might be fortunate, especially for those dishonest fellows. You need to keep checking and ensure that you’re the one to change the battery or make adjustments.

3. Unused Children’s Toys

Whether you have crocheted or plastic toys, it doesn’t matter, both can be used to store excess money. I wonder which bugler will take his time to break into toys. If you have excess toys at your home, then you have a safe place to store your money. After putting your money in the dolls you can leave them in an open place to kill any curiosity that those you live with might have. Be sure to only use excess dolls that are not used by your kids.

4. In a Flashlight

This trick works perfectly well whether you’re using a dummy flashlight for hiding things or a real flashlight. Most burglars if not all would not bother checking what is in the flashlight. The only problem with this method is that you can easily forget where you kept your money; otherwise, it is very safe to use.  Just wrap the cash around the battery then screw it back and use the flashlight as usual.

5. Fish Tank

You can hide your money in the fish tank. There are several ways you can do this. The first option is to stick it in a jar. Alternatively, you can hide it in a little castle or put it in a filter or simply shove it under a rock. You can think of other better ways and alternatives that you can use to keep your money safe in a fish tank. This trick is just one of the best ideas you can ever think of. Most burglars will not think of such places and may not even bother looking into your fish tank. Relatives and friends will rarely look into these places as well.

6. In the Insulation

However experienced a bugler may be or how good he might be at robbing people, he will never dig through your insulation. Digging through insulation is the craziest thing a bugler will ever do. This is because it is time-consuming and just itchy. Chances of digging up insulation are very minimal and close to negligible, making this life hack to be one of the safest ways to keep your money at home.

7. Hallowed Books

 It would be so funny to hear that a robber broke into a house and got away with books. No robber would break into your house and start perusing through your books unless otherwise. Books are rare targets in any robbery.
How can you keep your money safe in a book? Just hollow out a dense of hardback books that are not very valuable to you and then keep your cash in there for safety.

8. Under Drawer

This hack requires you to have a regular tape an index card or a similar thing. All you need is to put two pieces of tapes parallel to each other on the side of the index card. Now stick it under the bottom of the drawer to hide it from any view. Put any amount you wish to hide into the little pocket. No one will be able to see or notice the cash unless otherwise.

9. Inside Wall Compartment

You can create a secret compartment on your wall. This hack is possible if you have cable TV outlets that you’re no longer using. Simply unscrew these outlets from the wall and then fix tightly fitting cardboard inside to prevent it from falling onto the wall. The next step is to re-screw the cover to the wall. This will create a perfect hiding place where you can hide your cash. Just be sure to create a very safe compartment that is not visible to strangers or anyone because someone can become curious and check on it when you’re not at home or even smugglers can also notice and have a look, and this may give them easy access to your savings. 

10. Old Home Phone

This might look a bit complicated but trust me it’s very simple and very safe to use. Simply unscrew and remove all the parts carefully without damaging any outer part of the phone. Carefully unscrew all the screws and keep them safe. Create a space in the phone as you desire and put your cash in there. Make sure you fasten all the screws when you’re done and reassemble everything. Burglars may overlook the home phone because they may seem not to have much value to them.

11. Old Video-Cassette Player

Don’t throw away your old video-cassette player; it’s a great treasure and a safe place to hide your cash. There are two ways you can keep money in the cassette player. You can either keep it in the tray or open the entire thing. Check on your top right side of your cassette. You’ll see a button that you can push and open the edge of the cassette. After opening the edges, you can keep the money then close it. Alternatively, you can unscrew the cassette and create your desired space, place the money and then bolt.  

12. In the Curtain Hem

You’ll notice that there are turnings at the bottom or the top of your curtain. Topside of the curtain could be much better as compared to the bottom part for safety and security purposes. Just fold your cash into eighths and then insert them into the folds at the top of the curtain. This is a perfect place to keep your money safe. Why use the top part and not the bottom? The top part is considered to be very safe as the bottom part can easily be soaked into the water accidentally.

13. Tissue Box Compartment

This is a game-changer. The trick works perfectly well. Who can imagine that large sums of money can be kept in a tissue box compartment? All you have to do is to place an empty tissue box under the table safely. Put your money in the empty tissue and securely put it under the table then cover the table with a table cloth on top, this will ensure the tissue boxes are hidden. You should be extra careful if you have scrolling babies in your house.

14. Under Sneaker’s Pad

Almost all shoes have a pad that cushions your foot. Underneath the pad, there is a secret compartment suitable for keeping the money. Keeping the money here is very simple, just take out the pad then put your money then return the pad. Shoes and socks are not very pleasant to look at, and no bugler will look into your shoes or socks. To do this, choose shoes that are designed in a way that they can fit this task and you don’t wear them frequently. For those with smelling feet, I don’t know whether you’ll enjoy the smell of the money.

15. In the Middle of a Book

Choose a book that you don’t use frequently. This could be challenging if you have a lot of similar books. Possibly, the enemies won’t have time to peruse through all your books. Be sure not to put them in DVDs as burglars may grab some as they leave. You can also create a hole in one or two old books that you no longer read then put the money inside. Pick on a particular book you’re sure no one in your family would be interested in reading. The book should be easy to remember, so you don’t have to stress up yourself looking for your money.

16. Toilet Tank

This is a great place to hide your large amount of savings or just some cash for an emergency. The only disadvantage of this trick is that so many mob movies have revealed this and some burglars might easily check on your toilet tank after watching these movies. Otherwise, it is a great way of hiding some cash in your house and keeping safe from dishonest members and burglars that might break into your house.

17. In the Plant Pot

Put your cash in an airtight bag then place them inside the plant pot, be sure to confirm that the bag is waterproof and fully airtight. Primarily you need to put the envelope in a way that no one can see it and cannot be affected when watering the flowers or plants. Another way is to store the money in an airtight bag then place it inside a glass jar of macaroni.

18. Children’s Room

Most intruders will often overlook the children’s room. Any bugler or even a dishonest friend would not easily think of getting something valuable from your baby’s room. This makes the baby’s room a safe place to keep some cash. There are so many places to hide money in the children’s room from toys to garments and other places like a toy box or mobile.  Just think of any safe place within the room that no one else won’t think of, be creative.

19. Empty Bottles

If you have a wine rack, then you can consider hiding some cash in an empty bottle then put it back in the rack. Just take an empty bottle of wine, clean it and then put the cash in it then close it with the cork and return the bottle into the rack. The money should be kept in the dark plastic so that no one can easily spot it.

20. In the Garden

Burying cash directly under the soil could be somehow very risky as you can easily forget the exact spot and the money is also subjected to rotting. Having some sand or even stone tiles could help the situation. You can put your money under these stone tiles or the sand. Put some distinct mark to help you remember the spot where the money is kept. Before you keep the money make sure it is air and waterproof and after that, the sealing should also be airtight and waterproof.

21. Inside Socks

If you have large amounts of money, then you can divide them into smaller bunches then put them in different socks. After putting all your money that you need to save into different socks you can store them in the wardrobe. A wardrobe is a safe place, but only if you use it wisely otherwise it can be an easy target for an intruder that is why you need to be very calculative.

Hide Cash while Traveling

It’s awesome to travel around and get new exciting experiences while on the go but you have to be very cautious. Though it’s full of fun it can also be perilous, you can meet an accident unexpectedly.  You can easily lose your wallet either in an accident or when robbed. You can also leave your wallet in a taxi unknowingly. This is why you need to have some little cash hidden in your body for such emergencies. These amazing tips will help you with how to hide cash while traveling.

1. Security Belt with Wallet

This trick works perfectly well for males. It is one of the greatest ways to hide your cash when traveling around the world. It’s very safe and stress-free. The prices might be very costly, but they are worth investing in. There are some that are pocket-friendly, be sure to check in the prices and work with your budget. Most of these belts are tough and airport friendly in the sense that they don’t set off a metal detector and also very spacious, you can fit a lot of notes. Keeping money in your belt will give you a lot of peace in your mind.

2. Hidden Pocket

You can sew some hidden pockets into your trouser or blouse and use them to keep your money and passports safe when traveling. Keeping your money in different locations on your body is a great tip to keep safe when traveling; sewing a hidden pocket will help you achieve this.

3. Laminated Albums

You can create a photo album then laminate it and place the money in between the photos. Who would want to steal your photo? Probably no one, this makes it a safe place to hide your cash. If you’re mugged or lose your photo album in any way, you can ask for it back and get back all your cash hidden in between the photos.

4. Use Scarf

You can hide your cash in a hidden pocket sewed in a scarf. For ladies, this could be the best way to hide cash while traveling. Just sew some hidden pockets in your scarf and keep your cash in there. The problem with this method of hiding cash is that you can easily lose your scarf and so you need to be very vigilant; otherwise, you might lose your cash.

5. Use Wrist Wallets

This method is not very suitable for everyone, but it’s a great way of keeping our cash safe when traveling around. Wrist wallets are viable though they can easily be spotted by someone if you don’t handle it appropriately. There are varieties of wrist wallets available, and it’s good to check out for the best and also work within your budget to avoid straining. Wrist wallet is an ideal way of keeping cash, especially at night though they can’t contain much money.

Best way to Carry Cash while Traveling

• Use a Dummy Wallet

Make bills and don’t make it too apparent to people that you’re traveling on cash. Confuse the enemy by using a dummy wallet especially when you know you might get into a compromising situation. This will help you surrender easily and willingly to the smugglers.

• Split your Money

Don’t put all your money in one place. It’s prudent to divide or split your money into two or more different locations. Keeping all your money in one place is dangerous, and you can end up losing the whole of it in case the worst happens. This tactic can also be applied at home where you have stored your cash. It is always good to keep your eggs in different baskets so that if one basket falls, you can still count on other baskets.

• Body Storage

It’s better to hide your money on your body while traveling. Keeping or hiding your money in the backpack away from you increases the chance of you losing the money in case of the unexpected.


There are tons of options to choose from around the world. You’re under no obligation to give them a try. Imagine you were the bugler, what places you would go for first. Just enter your house and imagine you’re the real bugler, this will help you think creatively and come up with other better ideas. You can offer additional protection to your money by creating other fake hidings where you can keep some small sums of cash within the house and on you when traveling. Keep your cash safe. Thank you for reading through and please don’t forget to share these tips with your loved ones. We value your comment; leave a comment in the box below. 

10 thoughts on “21 Best Places to Hide Large Amounts of Cash – Try these Unusual Places”

    • Glad to know that you already used a hidden pocket while traveling. Once I lost my wallet & mobile phone while traveling on a packed up train. In such cases, If you have some cash in your hidden pocket, you will be able to pay transport charges while traveling.  
       From then on, I am using a hidden pocket. This is why you need to have some little cash hidden in your body for such emergencies.

  1. Wow, I would never have thought of many of these places. Burglars would never think of them either. I think I know where I’m going to stash some cash, but I’m not going to tell! Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Many people are using various places to hide money at home. Generally, we use to hide/protect cash at home for emergency purposes. I also use multiple locations in my home for this purpose. So I thought, why not bunch them up in one article & share with my readers!

      What if the burglars have gathered these ideas by already reading this article? Just kidding,? Totally appreciate your support and thanks for the comment. Stay tuned for more money tips!?

    • Generally, we use to hide/protect cash at home for emergency purposes. I also use multiple locations in my home for this purpose. So I thought, why not bunch them up in one article & share with my readers!

  2. This was a fun and informative post! ? I have lots of ideas now for stashing away the cash. I just need to make the big bucks so I have excess money to hide!

    Seriously, “Tips for hiding money when traveling” is great too!

    • The post is a product of my personal experiences; some of the ideas I use. I was thinking of writing this post for a long time. Through this post, I tried to introduce some of the places of hiding money at home other than hiding under old classic mattresses. I’ll be glad to know which one places of hiding money would you prefer when you will earn big bucks!


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