Save Money and Live Better – Drastically Cut Expenses

save money live better

Saving money in 2019 may seem like an impossible task due to the rising prices of most goods and services. While it’s difficult to save money, it’s not entirely impossible. It’s the same as getting in shape. Just…

The Common Money Mistakes to Avoid Decade by Decade

biggest financial mistakes

Wouldn’t it be great if each year on your birthday, you received a personalized guide titled “How to Manage Your Money at 30? Unfortunately, there’s no birthday financial genie, so it’s up to you to do your homework….

The Ultimate List of Apps That Pay You Real Money

apps that pay you real money

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives as they have become more than just communication devices. You can use them to watch movies, make purchases, book taxis, flights, and more. Around 2.5 billion people worldwide today…

21 Best Places to Hide Large Amounts of Cash – Try these Unusual Places

best places to hide large amounts of cash

You surely need to keep some cash at home for emergencies. However, you’re under no obligation to keep any amount at home. It’s prudent to keep some good amount at home so that you can easily pay for…

The best Guide to Living on One Income and Saving the Other

how to live on one income

Living on one income is difficult. Have you ever felt trapped by your circumstances? Do you ever want to skip or take a day off from work but can’t because it would result in missing a paycheck? Do…

21 Methods on How to Earn Money Fast as a Kid

how to earn money fast as a kid

I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to make money, and I always wanted to have lots of cash with me so I could buy candy and be a champion among my friends. So I…

15 Best Investments in 2019

best investments

As another new year begins, so begins our many plans to execute. Someone wants to exercise daily to stay fit; others want to spend more time with family or focus on a career with more hard work. Basically…

How to Double Your Money: 11 Easiest Money Multiplying Options

how to double your money

Find out some of the easiest ways to double your money.

How to Save Money for a House: 10 Strategies to Follow

how to save money for a house

Adulting could be quite tasking particularly when it comes to meeting needs. Human needs are insatiable, individual and worsened by scarce resources. Understanding this simple economics is pretty simple for almost everyone. It particularly becomes more burdensome in…

5 Great Benefits of Selling Life Insurance

There are countless benefits of selling life insurance and here you will learn about the 5 most important ones. Like many other professionals that work in sales and marketing, finding new clients and getting business from them can…