5 Most Common Employee Complaints- Toxic Work Culture

Amid ongoing global protests against racial injustice, discrimination, and gender inequality, more and more workers are standing up against toxic work culture to abolish unjust practices and behaviors within the workplace.

But what makes for a toxic workplace? Discrimination, harassment, lack of inclusivity, lack of diversity, unhealthy competition, and abusive management are all components of a hostile work environment. And while some in power positions might believe that these environments are not all that serious, the impacts of a hostile work environment include declining productivity, poor employee retention, and increased costs. As a result, toxic work culture negatively impacts businesses just as much as it affects employee health and well-being.

That said, these are some of the most common and concerning employee complaints that are tied to toxic work culture.

Unpaid Wages

Unpaid wage disputes are a daunting experience for employees. Of course, employees work to earn an income to survive. Without an income, daily life becomes impossible.

Employers that withhold payments for any reason can be put to justice with the assistance of an employment lawyer. Not only are there laws to abolish this particularly unfair practice, but employers will also be penalized for underpaid wages that contradict the lawful minimum wage.


Harassments can make everyday life a living hell. Unfortunately, this instance is a lot more common than most of us could assume.

Aggravation conduct within a workplace is illegal, and victims of this situation can seek legal action against the perpetrators with the help of an experienced employment lawyer.

Lack Of Work-Life Balance

Even though companies are not yet required by law to provide employees with an ideal work-life balance that promotes wellness, employers that overwork their employees contribute to toxic work culture.

Just as there are guidelines for minimum wages, there are also guidelines for maximum work hours per week. So, suppose your employer is expecting you to go above and beyond without compensation or consideration of labor laws. In that case, it’s in your best interests to consult an employment attorney right away.

Leave Entitlement Denial

Employees are only entitled to a few weeks off every year, and when these or other leave entitlements like maternity leave are denied, it’s understandable why disputes take place.

There are eight primary kinds of leave. If your employer denies your leave, you can consult an employment lawyer immediately or lay an internal complaint before relying on a lawyer.


Discrimination shows its face in several different forms. With race, gender, religion, and age being prominent forms of discrimination, all forms of workplace discrimination are illegal by state and federal laws.

Suppose your employer denies opportunities, treats you poorly, or fires you due to discriminatory reasons. In that case, it’s in your best interests to consult an employment lawyer and take legal action against your employer.

Toxic work culture remains a prominent concern for employees around the world. And because the only way to abolish these practices and behaviors is to speak up and take legal action, it’s crucial to avoid sweeping your complaints under the rug. Instead, consult an employment attorney.

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