How to Make Money as a Freelance Programmer

Earning more is not a bad idea, no matter how much you make. Still, extra income always looks fascinating and helps fulfill the needs and luxury both.

Yes! We know that the salary of software engineers is usually very high. They can explore other options to get extra income every month.

After evaluating the current pandemic situation, people have lost their jobs. They are sitting home and thinking about what to do now. So in this situation, you will thank us for sharing these side-income ideas.

Some easy business ideas can make the dream of having something of your own a reality. So without wasting your time, let’s get into the details of how to make money as a freelance programmer.

How to Make Money as a Freelance Programmer

Start Your Programming Blog

Creating a programming blog is one of the favorite side-income sources for programmers.

Besides making money, it helps gain fame in the programming world. With an exciting and easy-to-understand blog website, you can start sharing the codes to help other programmers learn from your blog.

If you are a Mac user, installing, updating, uninstalling, and managing developer tools can be a problem. Thus, install homebrew on mac so that it becomes easy for you to work on python, Ruby, and Node.js.

Ensure you have a strong online presence, and you will be amazed to see the opportunity you will get. When you receive massive traffic on your blog, monetize it to earn money as a freelance programmer.

There are several ways you can do it, choose the correct method.

Build A Software And Sell It

Yes! We know that this method will take much time, but you will be surprised to see the money you will get after selling it.

First, analyze the market and its demand. The need for software will be clear in your mind when you explore the problems and try to resolve them by launching new software in the market.

Then create a list and decide what to build, and when you are successfully able to construct software of your own, you will not be happy but feel proud of yourself.

Find a perfect company that can value your software and sells it to them at a very attractive price.

Start Your YouTube Channel

If you are a very extroverted person and want a personalized interaction with your audience, starting a YouTube channel can be a good option.

It’s a fact that when people try to learn something on their own, the first thing that comes to their mind is YouTube.

YouTube channel has much scope for you, and as you can monetize your blog, similarly, you can do it with your channel. Run youtube ads, opt for affiliate links, or even sell your products.

Build a Video Course

It’s a fact that these days there are many skillful programmers available, who can do their primary job and can help the upcoming programmers.

Yes! You read it right; as a programmer, you have all the knowledge needed to teach others. So, make a website and upload your video courses. Start from scratch and gradually create videos and start uploading them.

If you are not sure about building your website, you can use third-party learning platforms and develop personal courses. You will be getting a good amount of money for this.


With that handsome money, you must have saved a lot, right? So why not invest that money to double it.

You can search for some good companies and buy their shares. We know that shares come with many risks, but it’s worth it when you get many profits.

If you can’t do it on your own, get in touch with a broker online and handle it. But make sure you have an eye on every step that they take.

It’s your hard-earned money, and you have all the right to check the details of where the broker is investing it.

Another very good option is to ask your broker to check with you before investing your money in any company’s share. Then you can research it properly and make the decision.

Investing in shares can sometimes give you unexpected results, and you will be shocked to check your profits. Just ensure that you know that at what time you need to sell them and buy them. That’s the main game.


There is no back seat for skilled people; if you have a particular skill and enhance it appropriately, many opportunities are waiting to pay you.

Freelance has become an excellent option during the pandemic. Almost every company needs freelancers so that their work doesn’t get hampered when the offices are not opened. You can choose a good company and set your time limit of work.

Maybe choose weekends to do freelance and other times focus on your permanent job.

There are plenty of online platforms specially created for freelancers. You need to upload your profile and start bidding. Freelancing is the most convenient and easiest way to earn extra.

Final Words

Every individual wish to get some extra bucks in their pocket, and for programmers, it becomes more fun.

Companies out there can’t afford a full-time programmer but are actively searching for one doing a part-time job. You can grab those opportunies and can make money as a freelance programmer.

There are even plenty of options mentioned above, like blogging, YouTube channel, and investing in shares.

All these options must look a little challenging, but they will help you build your dream. Make sure you thoroughly go through them and earn extra from your skills.

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