Alternatives To The Luxury Services You Want But Cannot Afford

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Many of us have the dream of living like the rich and the famous do but most of us will not ever experience the life like they do.  There are plenty of services that people dream of having on a daily basis but know that they will never be able to afford them so they end up being forgotten about.  However even if your bank account is not over flowing with extra cash to put towards luxury things you might be excited to learn that with a little creative thinking there are alternatives ways to have some of these luxury services.

A Home Chef

Almost everyone dreams of having a home chef that will cook breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis as well as cleaning up the kitchen.  Unfortunately the average person cannot afford to hire his or her own personal home chef.  The truth be told you could be your own personal chef and have the option of cooking months worth of meals that can be frozen and then take only a short reheating time period before your meals are ready everyday.  The first step to this is to create a meal plan and then you should do the required shopping and set one weekend aside each month to do the majority of the cooking.  This gives you the option of storing as many meals as your freezer will allow.

Cleaning Service

Even though a professional house cleaning service has become much more affordable than it was several years ago this service can still be relatively expensive and not everyone can afford it.  It is possible to live in a cleaner house without breaking the bank.  One way to do this is by following the military’s guide for keeping a space tidy.  What this means is that you clean a little everyday.  You will need to create a schedule that works for you and then stick to it.  It will help the daunting task feel much more manageable.

Grocery Delivery Service

No one likes to head out to the grocery store but someone has to do it.  Unfortunately the stores are usually crowded and the lines are long.  If you are like me you will probably forget something and have to turn around and head back to the dreaded store.  Having a grocery delivery service might not sound like it will cost you a lot but if you add up each fee for each order you will find that the amount per year is a substantial amount and that money can probably be used better elsewhere.  There are ways to get around the hatred of the grocery store.  The first place to start is to ask the store clerk when the best shopping hours are and try shopping then.  You will find it less crowded and much more enjoyable.

A Night Nanny

If you are a new parent you might have thought about hiring a night nanny.  This would be the person who would care for the baby during the nighttime hours so that the new mom and dad can get some much needed sleep.  Unfortunately this is definitely a luxury left for the rich and famous as it can cost around two hundred dollars per night.  Instead you should consider stocking your bedroom with the items that the baby will need during the night.  Items such as diapers, bottles, wipes or any other basic needs should be included. This will leave you the time tending to the baby rather than searching the house for the needed items and will allow for you to catch up on some sleep.

Living the life of luxury comes with a price most of us cannot afford.  The good news is that there are many ways to work around the price tag.  It may not be as good as what you are looking to have but it is better than nothing.

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