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money as a wedding gift

When you are preparing to go for a wedding or in the process of commemorating with the happy couple, I suppose there are thoughts and questions that of course would be running on in your mind. Determining what and how much to give may sometimes be tricky, you must get through this donation conundrum.

Why money?

Money of all assets a person can possess is the most flexible. It can easily be converted into anything of your desire in the process of buying.

Often times, most couples end up with boxes and packages they don’t need at the end of a wedding; funny enough, some of these gifts are just a duplicate of other gifts they will never use. Giving money as gifts will suffice in this kind of situation. This sequentially ease the financial burden of the couple, especially during their honeymoon. They also get the chance of buying anything of which they think will be useful for themselves.

Is it ideal to ask for money as a wedding gift?

There has been a lot of controversies and contentions about asking for money by the couple as a wedding gift. Guests and etiquette experts have all had their say, and it’s as though all have never been in agreement. Well, several couples would have preferred money but shy away from making a request because of the stigma identified with it.

Some etiquette professionals agree that you should never ask for money as a wedding gift on the invitation, as it looks rude and in poor taste. Instead, it is recommended that you spread such request informally among your friends and close relatives. This method sounds quite okay because you are asking for help from people you are very close with and people that know that a flamboyant reception infers that monetary gifts would be explicitly needed.

However, on the other hand, it has been concluded by many that this issue of controversy is not really about etiquette but about norms and culture. Asking for money as a wedding gift is very much acceptable and customary in some places like Korea where people present money to the parent who then give the money to the newly married couple.

How much should I give?

As the wedding season proceeds into its fullness, guests from all around are faced with the same question: How much should I give? There has always been this mistaken idea that you have to give in proportion to the costs of the meal at the wedding. But it is not as though you are paying for your own meal; you might as well go for a restaurant. How do you even know the cost of the meal unless you ask? Besides, doing that, of course, is considered rude.

The truth is that: there is no guideline or manual. It’s just a thing of will. Nancy R. Mitchell, an established protocol, and etiquette consultant said “There is no rule. Give whatever you feel is suitable for your budget and your connection with the couple”. It’s best to give the money gift based on your relationship with the couple.

However, it’s also wise that you put your budget into check especially if it’s a destination wedding where you will have to make a long trip. It’s great idea to give even more if you have more than enough financially. Weddings are expensive and a great deal of money is spent not just for them on the wedding day but also to entertain and make their guests satisfied.

When should I give the money?

Perfect timing is very much important as the gift itself. It’s best to send the money before the wedding at least weeks before time. Don’t take it to the wedding out of excitement to give them; they won’t want to tow around with it. This, of course, will cater for issues that may arise from loss or misplacement of the money during the wedding program. It will also help in preparation towards the wedding ceremony.

Is it okay to give money when the couple is registered

It’s definitely not rude, and besides, it’s not really conceivable that anyone would wish to turn down cash, as long as it is freely given. Even if eventually there is overflow and left over of money for the couple after the wedding, they can use it for other things- like a honeymoon.

The good news about cash gifts is that you don’t have to meet the couple in person whether before or after the wedding to give them the money. Money, unlike many presents and gifts, can be wired to the couple through series of online platforms. One truth about money as a wedding gift is that, there is no concealing how bulky or petite a present is. So, give without letting your thanks vary in size while putting your relationship with the couple into check if you value it.

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