How To Save Money For Your Black Friday Shopping

black friday shopping

There are many people that live for Black Friday every year.  That very well could be the only day of the year that they look forward to.  However it is also the day of the year that the most money is being spent.  This is when people start to look out for themselves and try to figure out how they can save the most money for their Black Friday shopping.  This article will help to show you tips on how to cut your expenses over a couple of months so that you can pay for your Black Friday shopping excursion.

Save At The Grocery Store

Some people do not realize that they can save money by purchasing nonperishable items or food when they go on sale at a large discount.  This way you can stock up and be able to spend the money now and save it later.  It is possible that you can stock your pantry and your freezer on mostly sale items within a month’s time and then only have to shop for the necessities.  By following this strategy you could find yourself savings at least one hundred dollars at a time.


No More Dining Out

When you have food at home why should you have to dine out.  Many people spend hundreds is not thousands of dollars every year on eating out.  This will often cost you twice as much as a meal that you could cook at home.  If you are bored with eating by yourself you could invite people over for a potluck meal or a bring your own beer kind of happy hour.  If you eat out because you are pressed for time you can quick plan and easy meals for those days.


Cut Your Cell Phone Bill

We all have cell phones and we all know the exact date when we are due for an upgrade on our current plan.  As soon as your current contract expires you should hang on to your current cell phone bill and switch to a prepaid wireless provider.  This is a perfect way to still get the service that you have now but at a much less expensive price tag.
Cut Your Monthly Entertainment Costs

Everyone loves to go out on the weekends and even in the evenings.  What many people do not realize is that you do not need to always head to the nightclubs or even to the movies to enjoy yourself.  Most communities offer free activities that can be enjoyed by all.


Get Rid Of Your Gym Membership

Most people who pay for a gym membership probably do not even use it.  On an average a gym membership costs about fifty dollars a month.  You can cancel your membership and put that towards your Black Friday shopping account while at the same time taking advantage of jogging through the neighborhood or even getting a work out DVD from the library.  You can find yourself saving quite a bit of money though out the year.


Ways To Earn Cash

Another way to have extra cash for Black Friday is to earn cash.  Simple ways of doing this are by adjusting your tax withholding, selling items that you no longer need also selling items through consignment can help you to earn the extra cash.

Many of us find ourselves spending lots of money on Black Friday.  Often times we cannot afford the amount that we spend.  However if you follow the tips above and maybe even create some of your own you could find yourself with plenty of money to do the shopping that you wish to do.


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