How to Win Workers’ Comp Case

While workers’ comp insurance policies are considered a staple for most businesses, and these policies can help employees make ends meet after experiencing an injury while on the job, many employees make simple yet costly mistakes when claiming.

Because an injury can leave you battling to stick to a budget as your income is placed in jeopardy, filing a claim is crucial.

So, if you have experienced an injury of any kind at work, it is crucial to understand all your legal rights and, of course, your legal responsibilities when making a workers’ comp claim.

With that said, the most vital first step is to consult an expert workers’ comp attorney at Cabral Law Group and consider these top tips to ensure you can get the most out of your claim.

1. Report The Incident Immediately

One of the biggest mistakes that any employee can make regarding a work-related injury is reporting the incident casually, without much consideration for time.

It’s crucial to report the injury to upper management as soon as possible. Even if the injury is minor, you should immediately stop your workflow and report to your manager or supervisor.

2. Seek Medical Attention Promptly

Once you have reported the injury, your manager or supervisor should send you to the nearest healthcare facility for treatment. Although if this is not the case, you must seek medical attention at your next available opportunity.

If your manager or supervisor denies you the essential time to visit the doctor, you should forward this information to your attorney, as this is a breach of employee conduct. If you have been injured, it’s your human right to seek medical attention, regardless of your work responsibilities; health is of utmost importance.

3. Understand How Workers’ Comp Benefits Work

Workers’ compensation policies can vary depending on the region and particular policy held by the business. However, you will have access to the policy details, and you should assess these details with your attorney.

Although more often than not, just some of the benefits you should receive include medical cover, rehabilitation costs, travel compensation, compensation for lost income, and compensation for ongoing expenses that stem directly from the injury.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Counter A Compensation Offer

In most cases, workers’ comp insurance will payout. However, there’s no doubt that the insurer might try to pay out the bare minimum, or even less than that.

Insurers are well-known for this, and your employer might not assist much with the process of ensuring you get what you deserve. In such an instance, you should consult your attorney to assist with negotiations.

Accepting a low offer is a mistake, as you won’t lose out entirely simply by rejecting the first offer, especially if you can prove why the compensation amount will not suffice.

The best way to ensure you get the most out of a workers’ comp claim is to rely on an expert attorney. Even though the attorney fees might seem like an avoidable extra cost, this expense stems from the injury. So you can claim for legal fees as well.

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