The 5 Most Common Types of Workplace Discrimination in Chicago

According to the law, everybody has a right to work in an environment that is free of harassment, discrimination or bullying. Discrimination, on whatever grounds, can ruin your right to be respected and lower your dignity. Bullying can affect your wellbeing, job security, performance as an employee resulting in termination.

In Chicago, bullying at the workplace is seen through the cases that are presented in court. Employers are often exposed once their workers hire a discrimination lawyer Chicago. Cases tend to be worse in situations where an employer did not take any steps to curb discrimination once a complaint is made.

Here are some of the common workplace discriminations in Chicago

1. National Origin Discrimination

It is wrong to deny anyone an employment opportunity simply because of the country they are from or because their accent is different. In some instances, national origin discrimination may be due to how unclear their English is. Some employers even hire specific nationalities to do minor jobs like being a janitor or security guard despite their qualifications. In such cases, this is where discrimination lawyers come in.

2. Race or Color Discrimination

Discrimination on grounds of the race means denying equal employment chances to anyone due to their race or simply because their characteristics are similar to a specific race. In Chicago, most black people are characterized as gangsters, violent, drug users or peddlers etc. For this reason, employers do not give that many opportunities to black people.

Some employers even refuse to hire people who are associated with a certain race i.e through marriage. Race discrimination can lead to wrongful termination, failure to get a promotion.

3. Sex Discrimination

Sex discrimination means treating a person differently on the basis of their sex. Gender stereotypes are the main contributors to sex discrimination. Women are mostly on the receiving end. The belief that women cannot do certain jobs limits their opportunities. Sometimes women also get dismissed due to the fact that they get pregnant.

Sex discrimination is also due to sexual preference. Some companies fire gay people which is why discrimination lawyers are very important.

4. Religious Discrimination

Ethical, religious and moral beliefs are sometimes a cause for discrimination. Every employer is supposed to be accommodating when it comes to religion.

Since different religions have different dress codes and beliefs, some employers use that as a basis to terminate employees. An example of this type of religious discrimination is Muslims. Unfortunately, they are unfairly viewed as terrorists and the hijab that women wear is not welcome in some workplaces.

5. Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination is illegal. There is a law which limits employers from asking disability related questions during interviews so as to level the field. Every employer is also required to build facilities which suit disabled people like ramps or toilets.


As an employee, if you feel you have been discriminated against at your workplace, there are some steps you can take like: Report to HR, Document your ordeal, Go through your employer’s discrimination policies or get yourself some legal counsel. You do not have to suffer in silence while at work.

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